Rabu, 14 Juni 2017


Assalamualaikum wr. wb
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen…
I would like to say thank you for the opportunity that has been given to me. In this special occasion I would like to give a short speech about ways for managing money. But  first ,let me introduce my self. My name is maria ulfa . im a student of tanjungpura university in teacher training and education faculty at economic education department.
We all know that youth is a labile period for everyone. In this period we tend to be easy to be affected and influenced either by positive or negative factors. Usually the negative factors are those that are easier to be absorbed by most of us. This certainly will bring bad effects to our lives in the future.
Nowadays, as a young generation we are facing a problem about inablility to manage our finance. We tend to spend our money to buy not important things instead of our basic needs. So here, I would like to give you some advices to manage your money. First, you need make a list of things that you really need to buy. Second, do not buy things that you don’t  really need. The last, using public facilities to decrease our payment. For example, using campus facilities such as internet connection, library and others.
We as the young generation that have the big responsible for our country development. we must prepare ourselves to be the proud generations who can make Indonesia citizens will proud with us. What ever will and must done by us as well a it is positive to make ourselves success and get our ideas. So we can make our parents, our society, and our country commonly proud of us. In can be done by many ways.
One of them is by studying hard and get the achievement in our academic. This is the basic step that can make us get near from our older. We must listen our parents advice and keep our social relationship well. By all of my explanation above, we as the young generations must conscious and try to change all of this bad issue, we must continue this job by defend this independence and make our country developed and grow by making its citizens live in harmony and peace, far from the suffer and poverty.
That’s all my short speech about how to manage our money. All we need to do is keep responsible to what we have made. And try to be more patient not to follow our desire to buy things that not important for us. I hope it will be useful for us.
 Thank you for watching and have a great day…

See you next time…

Kamis, 11 Mei 2017


Hello guys,,
This time I will share a story about my visit to EXPO auditorium Untan in order to anniversary FKIP Untan.
Let's look through the picture below:

      Which is a place that showcased a book that displays books from various overseas, at the amcor stand also provides a variety of games, there are also photo contest prizes.

Then I went to the UPT language booth that showcased the books in the library.

3       MAPALA
MAPALA displays the equipment used as he climbs and camps, of course there are many more tools that are used to climb and others.

MENWA showcased the various kinds of awards they have ever achieved, and there are clothes, hats, and equipment they wear.

FAKULTAS forestry features many handicrafts that come from nature, there is also a craft that comes from very beautiful wood, and there are many natural works that are on display in the forestry faculty booth.

Featuring many preserved animals, such as snakes, rats and many other animals that are cast on the MIPA stand.

There is a very beautiful Borobudur craft, and there are also selling flowers, there are also games with history.

Like this is EXPO auditorium atmosphere UNTAN 


My future business

Hello all,,

    This time I will discuss about my future business, 
About what business I will be in later,
Is a business that can channel my hobby and not just for profit only, 
Because I think if a job or a hobby but we are not fully willing to work or run the business, 
we will not get maximum results,
Because I am a person who likes to eat and like to cook, 
So I choose to do business "culinary".
Why do I choose a culinary business, 
Because culinary is one of the characteristics of an area, and Eat also can not be released from everyday society, Because Food is the basic needs of the community, and I hope with This business I can channel my hobby, Rather than happy if One day our culinary characteristic of a city or in a certain Place, and because I come from the family of Java, I want to Preserve Javanese cuisine that I think is more interesting for a business, It is not all the people of the city comes from Java, But in my opinion of this business I will introduce a very Interesting  Javanese culinary, and how delicious his Javanese cuisine on the crowd, Because not how we benefit, But how we can provide service to our customers later, it's About my little effort forward, hopefully can be achieved and Success later.

Thanks for watching,,  

Jumat, 28 April 2017

How to....

hai all..

this time we will discuss about how to cook beans sauteed vegetables, corn and tempe
and concidentally i am a cooking hobbyist, so i will share a bit about my cooking recipe.
here are the ingredients to stir-fry these nuts :
- long beans 
- corn
- tempe
- red onion 
- garlic 
- chili 
- salt
- flavoring 
- sugar 
- cooking oil
- soy sauce

how to cook :

1. peeled onion and garlic then cut into pieces and also chili to taste.
2. cut into pieces of peanut tempeh and loose the corn from the cob.
3. then heat enough oil, wait until the oil is hot.
4. when the cooking oil is hot, sauce onion and chili until fragrant.
5. after the spices have been fragrant, input the long beans and wait until somewhat wilted, then input the corn, and after a few minutes input the tempe and stir until all the ingredients rather wilted.
6. then the next input seasonings such as salt, flavor, sugar, and soy sauce to taste.
7. then serve the long bean stir-fry.

this home cooking is very simple, but enough ti after act the stomach that is hungry, this dish contains many vitamin because there are healthy vegetables.
in addition to simple cooking is also very easy in getting his ingredients, how to cook it too easy.
Good luck.. 

Kamis, 13 April 2017

Ask an Expert


I'll tell you about a housewife who is quite succesful role in his culinary business.
incidentally also she is some one who is doing business in the culinary field, introduced he a regular on the call by the name nia, 
she is a housewife who has two children and a husband who works as employee in a company.
although her husband is an employee of the office he was still carrying out his business,
because according to her if only a hold of salary or a job that is not sure how long we will not go forward or not will be able to develop ourselves in the business.
originated from the news about the existence of a reduction in employees at the company her husband. and also because of economic factors was the one who demanded that can meet its needs and family, she and her husband began to think to open a business and at the end of his elected a culinary business that is home eating "stall blessing" she and her husband began his pioneering small business from scrath, and begins with to borrow capital, now home eating many customers her while on initially the mother of two children are not good at cooking, but because of his desire eager to open a culinary business that makes mother of two children must be proficient in cooking culinary.
and because of his experience ever sell together his uncle was the one who made it sure would be its ability to do business, do not need a fancy place, but the quality was to be maintained by ms. nia
and because the experience that makes it be as it is now according to her becoming an entrepreneur must begin from below or originated from a small thing because when starting a business from the bottom we win understand how the ups and downs is business.
umpteen my interview about the culinary entrepreneur that i admire because of his honesty and hard work.  

Kamis, 30 Maret 2017

I can’t imagine life without …

hey guys,,

I could not imagine life without education, 
because education is one of the factors that influence a person to become a better person, even my self, and not only me, but also for nation.
imagine if we live without education, we very stupid.
we will not be able to continue with our lives if we do not learn about education.
an of course we also can not escape the role of a teacher in education, teacher who very was instrumental.
somehow our lives if without a teacher, there will not be a doctor, there will be a successful entrepreneurs, and many figure that does not exits if there is not his teacher in life.
we will not be able to red, we will not be able to calculate and there are still many things we can not do without teacher. 
and I also can not imagine if  I had to live without an electricity,
you try to imagine when you want to print it's your job there is no electricity, surely it wold seem futile. even without any power a laptop, call phone and other electricity devices it would not exits if its function without electricity.
just imagine if in the world there is no electricity, 
the world may be pitch dark.
for school children even if the learn did not use lights possibility pf his learning outcomes will be a little distracted and was not optimal and the last.
I was not going to be able to live without music,
because for me music is a way of how we express our felling when happy, sad, and many other feelings his

Studied at British Culture and Learning Center

Hi all...
Want a story telling yes..
On Tuesday, march 21st 2017,
like an ordinary day of friend.
the first lecture hours, lecture intermediate financial accounting.
lecturer told that can not teach.
after waiting for some time,
then, further the second lecture, English economy.
to study English economy we rarely learn in the classroom, even never.
we always learn in Amcor or American Corner. the place is usually used for the place Les English and also for English class usually.
that day as usual every Tuesday we entered the English class economy,
on that day I came early, because if late for class we will be commanded to make a speech for 3 minutes using English, but on that day the room which we used for the study of English economy in use, I heard there was a guest, so the room was used.
after waiting nearly long about a few minutes we moved the room is the room BCLC or British Culture and Learning Center.
on that day we learned in the room frequently used for small theater, the room can also be called multipurpose room when who entered the room, not much later the miss dini came, as usual we absent and collect DHK. then. miss dini open lesson, and assign tasks to us.
because in BCLC there also a lot of books can also be called a library, then we were given the task to take 1 story book. and had to find some meaning from the story.
and we began to go out to pick up a book, I also got book called "Chicken-Liken"
so this book to tell about about a Chicken and his friends were too quick in taking a decision, but not necessarily all true that I can of this story is :

1. do not be too make a decision 
2. and do not easily believe if it is not proved 

so it's umpteen a story of my 😌😌